It’s March already; how fast is 2018 going? All we know is we keep getting closer to summer which means the days spent rafting down the Bow are closer than ever. If you haven’t experienced rafting in Calgary, then you haven’t really experienced summer. Along with cold beer on patios, the Stampede, and heading out to the mountains, here’s why you should add rafting to your 2018 summer plans.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Grab your friends, book your raft and spend the day out in the gorgeous sunshine. What better way to spend the weekend then getting some fresh air and connecting with our beautiful city.

Make new friends.

While you’re out there on the river, you have lots of time to chat up the rafters floating down the river beside you. Bond over your love for Calgary, rafting and summer – if you’re lucky, you’ll add some international friends to your squad.

Need last minute plans.

When you’re lounging around on a Saturday morning, rafting down the river is the perfect way to spice up the day. When you book with us it’s easy to just show up, get your raft and hit the water. There is no need to run around the city looking for a raft, paddles and life jackets.

Great date idea.

Trade in the usual dinner date and a movie and head down to the river instead. You’ll look like a hero when everything is all ready to go. Plus, when you’re done you can drop the raft off and grab an iced latte or cold beer.

Bond with your family.

Spend the day with your fam enjoying the outdoors. Get everyone together and rent a few rafts. You’ll have a blast floating down the river together, trying to hold on to each other. Create lasting memories with the ones you love the most.

Escape the hustle and bustle.

The city life is great, we love the community and busyness, but we also love to lay back, relax and let the river take us away. For an afternoon you can put away your phone and relax with your friends.

Are you as excited as we are? The countdown to summer is on. Our first raft will be May long – save the date. #YourRiverisWaiting