Summer is coming in hot (literally) and we’re so excited to get our river season started. Just like every year, the countdown to May Long is what keeps us going through the week when we’re sitting at our desk or doing those dreaded house chores. How much better does a float down the river sound than being stuck indoors?

If you’re not heading out on a road trip or camping with your friends and fam, the next option is obvious – rafting down the Bow River with us. We’re gearing up for our official opening on May Long weekend. Our two locations are at Shouldice Park and St. Patrick’s Island Park. We have big flags and awesome staff, you won’t be able to miss us. We’ve compiled a list of 4 reasons why you need to reserve your raft to float down the river this May Long weekend:

1. It’s Easy

Our team makes the whole experience easy and stress-free. Unlike those weekends spent frantically running from Canadian Tire to Walmart searching for the equipment, we already have the rafts blown up for you and ready to go. Just bring your friends and a good attitude and we’ve got you covered for the rest, we’ll even get you an Uber back to your car at the beginning.

2. It’s Perfect for Big Groups

You want to get all your friends together for the weekend but no one wants to host a BBQ – this is the perfect solution. You can all raft down the river, laughing and bonding without someone having to clean up their yard afterwards. Bring food, bring (non-alcoholic) drinks and you’ll have the best long weekend afternoon.

3. Show Tourists a Good Time

If you have family or friends coming from out of town, this is the perfect way to spend time with them, take them on an adventure and show them how beautiful our city is. They’ll get to experience our city from a different perspective than just walking around downtown – take them on a float they’ll never forget.

4. It’s One Day

You don’t have to commit a whole weekend for these plans. They are great for a one day or afternoon excursion. You can just show up, float down the river and then head to your favourite patio for post-float beers. Easy, convenient and the most fun you’ll have outside.

We’re pumped to get this rafting season started with you! You don’t want to miss the Long Weekend fun – make sure you pre-book your raft for you, your friends and your family online now!