A hassle-free experience for your inner explorer.
What we offer
We Make It Easy. Sign up online or at one of our paddle stations

Let the Paddle Station do the rest – we inflate, transport and collect – everything. No Pick Up, No Transport, No Hassle.

  • How to rent online

    1. Book your raft or kayak online
    2. Come to the starting paddle station at the water’s edge
    3. Paddle down the Bow
    4. Leave the kayak or raft with our Crew at the end

  • how to rent from our Paddle Stations

    1. Visit one of our Paddle Stations to book your raft or kayak
    2. Paddle down the Bow
    3. Leave the kayak or raft with our Crew at the end

How to Find Our paddle stations

Simply book your ride online and arrive on location. All of your safety gear and equipment will be ready and waiting with our staff. 

All of our locations are easy to get to - just pick the location below for detailed directions:

At The Paddle Station, we aim to make your river experience easy, affordable, and memorable. 

In a city like Calgary, you don’t have to go far to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.