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We Make It Easy To Get On The Water

At the Paddle Station, we aim to create a hassle free experience for you to get out of your house and onto the water! Transporting a kayak or raft to your destination takes resources and time that few people have available at their disposal. We have created a system that enables you to get paddling, without the conventional headaches that come with kayaking and rafting.


Pick a date, vessel & location and we’ll do the rest!


Monday & Thursday: 3:30pm-9:00pm

Friday: 1:30pm-9:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10:30am-9:00pm

*Closed Tuesday & Wednesday*

Pricing:Shouldice Park
St. Patrick's Island
Single Kayak$40
Double Kayak$60
4-8 Person Raft$115
8-12 Person Raft$180
7 Passenger Shuttle Bus$5/person OR
$20/transfer (groups of 4 or less)

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