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Booking Terms and Conditions

1. Rental Rates

Shouldice Athletic Park to St.Patricks Island
Single Kayak $50.00 CAD
Double Kayak $75.00 CAD
4-8 Person Raft $140.00 CAD
6- 12 Person Raft $190.00 CAD

2. Pre-authorization

A pre-authorization amount of $300.00 CAD per vessel will be temporarily charged on your credit card and will be released once you reach your end destination, provided all the rental equipment is returned in its original condition.

3. Maximum allotted time per rental

Shouldice Park to St. Patrick’s Island Park 2 hours

After the maximum allotted time, penalty rates will apply. Please ensure that you stop only at designated Paddle Stations

4. Penalty Rates

VESSEL TYPE RATE / 30 minutes
Single Kayak $30.00 CAD
Double Kayak $40.00 CAD
6 Person Raft $80.00 CAD
12 Person Raft $100.00 CAD

5. Cancellation policy

Cancellations more than 48 hours prior to booking date and time: Paddle Station gift certificate

Cancellations 48 hours or less prior to booking date and time: no refund or gift certificate will be provided

Cancellations by The Paddle Station due to suspended operations for weather or any other reason: Paddle Station gift certificates for cancelled bookings made prior to the closure

*Exceptions to the Cancellation Policy will be considered and made by The Paddle Station Management on a case by case basis.

6. Equipment damage or replacement fees

The fee for rental equipment damaged, lost or stolen will be equal to the full replacement cost of the item in question.Determination of level of damage is at the discretion of the The Paddle Station.

7. Vessel Retrieval Rates

A vessel retrieval fee of $100.00 CAD will be charged to your credit card if you pass the last designated end point, St. Patrick’s Island Park, and require Paddle Station staff assistance to return your rented vessel to a Paddle Station.

8. Waiver

Every paddler, or the parent of a minor, is required to review and sign a waiver before any rental equipment will be provided by The Paddle Station.

Please review the waiver carefully before signing.Please ensure you take a copy of the waiver with you before leaving the booking area.

Download Waiver

9. Reporting time

Please arrive at the location you have booked to start paddling from, at least 15 mins prior to your rental time.

If you arrive later than 15 mins past your rental time, your booking will be cancelled.You will not receive a refund if you fail to report by your rental time.

10. Safety

All paddlers MUST wear a life jacket.No Exceptions. It is your responsibility to ensure the life jacket provided fits you and/or your child.Failure to wear your life jacket may result in a $750 fine per paddler by the Calgary Police Service/Calgary Fire Department.Life jackets for children are subject to availability – we recommend bringing your own to ensure you do not have to wait for one.

Adult sized helmets are made available. While helmets are not mandated by law, we recommend you wear a helmet at all times while on the river.The Paddle Station does not provide child sized helmets.

It is your responsibility to ensure you understand and follow all instructions provided to you by the Paddle Crew.

11. Age Restrictions

All minors, including single kayakers under age 18, MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Paddle Station reserves the right to ask for identification for safety purposes.

  • Children, ages 3 and up are permitted in rafts.
  • Children, ages 6 and up are permitted in double kayaks.
  • Paddlers must be age 16 and older to be permitted in a single kayak.

12. Pets

Animals are only permitted on kayaks.Absolutely no animals are permitted on rafts. The Paddle Station does not provide safety equipment for animals.The Paddler assumes all risks related to any animal they choose to take on a kayak.

13. Cleaning Fee

Please note you will be subject to a cleaning fee of $50 in the event your raft is not returned free of garbage, mess and debris. Please ensure you remove ALL of your disposables and recyclables.


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