We all know that once you get on the river, it’s hard to keep track of where you are or how far you’ve gone. Well, we’ve taken the time to describe the route for you and picked certain landmarks for you to watch for to ensure you are on the right track for your float!

  1. Start at Shouldice Park

    You meet our Paddle Crew at the end of Monserrat Drive, right under the TransCanada Highway in Shouldice Park. They will get you to sign a waiver, grab a lifejacket and the necessary safety equipment and get on the river!

  2. Pass by Edworthy Park

    You will reach Edworthy park not long after departing from Shouldice Park. You will first see the long, skinny tan bridge stretching across the river, and then the rocky beach on the right side of the river. On hot days, this beach is often quite busy with people, kids and dogs!

  3. Float through Parkdale

    This part of the float is quite peaceful, with the water not running too quickly and the river is generally not too busy. However, there are some low spots on this stretch of the float so it is important to paddle around them to ensure you don’t get stuck!

  4. Cross under the Crowchild Bridge

    As a general rule of thumb, this landmark signals the approximate halfway point of your trip. You also enter into the downtown area so it is important to pay attention as this part of the river tends to be busier and flow a bit faster. The fire patrol and police boats frequent this area, so keep your eyes open and give them a wave if you see them.

  5. Touring Downtown Calgary

    As you float downtown, you will see a bike/walking path that goes along both sides of the river. On hot days, people walk, run, bike, roller blade and walk their dogs along this beautiful path. Looking on the right side of the river, you will pass by Shaw Millennium Park, the Downtown West End, and Eau Claire Park.

  6. Floating Under the Peace Bridge

    This landmark that stretches into Prince’s Island Park signifies that you are approximately three-quarters of the way done your trip and halfway through the downtown portion of the float. Around this area you will see Sunnyside Bank Park on the left, Sien Lok Park on the right, the gorgeous Riverfront Properties and the East Village Riverwalk running along the right side of the river.

  7. George C. King Bridge

    When you are floating under the 4th and 5th Street bridges, you will see this bridge in the distance and you need to paddle to the right side of the river. There will be a fork in the river – the Paddle Crew will instruct you to take the right side of the fork to find our final station. As you are doing this, you will see East Village and Fort Calgary on your right, and St. Patrick’s Island on your left, including the famous art piece ‘Bloom.’

  8. St. Patrick’s Island

    You have reached your final destination! Once you take the right fork in the river, you will keep left and see our Paddle Station flags and Paddle Crew waving you over to our site. Here you will dismount, give all your gear to our Paddle Crew and simply leave the rest to us. From here, you can head back to your car at Shouldice Athletic Park or you could explore St. Patrick’s Island Park and East Village if you cross the river into downtown.