Paddle Station Story

At The Paddle Station, we aim to make your river experience easy, affordable, and memorable. In a city like Calgary, you don’t have to go far to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. However, we found whenever we wanted to float the Bow River, we ran into the continuous hassles of finding a rental store, parking our vehicles for drop-off/pick-up, and transporting our equipment to the river. We knew there was an easier way to get on the water, so we made it happen! Our company was born in January of 2017 and we haven’t looked back since.

What is the Paddle Station?

As a mobile kayak and raft rental company, we have dedicated rental stations located along the shores of the Bow River. Our riverside locations create a hassle free experience for anyone looking to reconnect with nature, discover a new perspective, or experience a sustainable outdoor activity.

Our locations are key access points to the Bow River (Shouldice and St. Patrick’s Island). We make it easy for you, the Urban Paddler, to enjoy our city with an environmentally conscious activity.

In a city where a beautiful river flows from mountain glacier through glowing metropolis, the time has come for everyone to be able to easily access the Bow River with ease, comfort, and safety. With the Paddle Station, you can enjoy a hassle-free float all while reconnecting with yourself, your family, and of course the outdoors.

The Paddle Station Believes

  • Rafting and kayaking is for everyone
  • In creating an unforgettable outdoor experience
  • Exercise is a staple in a healthy lifestyle

What’s In It For You?

  • Outdoor adventure in the city
  • No need to lug a kayak or raft, find a car transport it, and all other logistics
  • A hassle free kayaking or rafting experience
  • An activity that isn’t just fun… but also sustainable, powered by water and you
  • Top of the line equipment ready whenever you are

Join The Paddle Station story and become the Urban Paddler you’re meant to be!